Sharing a Power Point presentation…

Hello to all. 

If you are interested in seeing and hearing the Higbee Power Point presentation on our Kenya mission go to and choose “our ministries.”  It is complete with three video clips which I could never figure out how to put into the blog. 

We continue to communicate with those in Maseno and their stories are evolving.  It will soon be a month that we have been home, but the experience is still very much present with us.  We think the people we met in Kenya have an inspirational story to tell, and here are some little snippets we thought that you would enjoy.



Our mission to Kenya continues to have a life of its own thanks to the interest and support of many friends and family.  At Faith Epicopal Church on the evening of April 16th Jim and I presented a Power Point talk on our mission experience of the last three months.  We were surprised with the news that $2,300 has been collected to date for the Mothers’ Union Program and Phoebe House, the shelter for women and children.  THANK YOU to all.  From your comfortable desk chairs reading this on-line, it might be difficult to imagine what this means to those who are working tirelessly under challenging conditions to help the orphans and widows, but Jim and I can vouch  that this financial gift represents hope and empowerment to them. 

I vividly remember those big pots of beans and maize bubbling on a wood fire and the long line of children waiting with their chipped bowls for lunch.  These are the beneficiaries of your generosity. 

We will continue to collect donations through Faith Episcopal Church, and how to donate is on the March 20th blog post. 

A few more photos, because I can’t resist.  Mary  

Chilldren at an Orphan Program
English class at an Orphan Program


Orphans of all ages at a remote Orphans Program

Sharing photos…

Jim greeting primary students at the school where we helped with reading
Two ladies at the weekly Mothers' Union meeting
Volunteer cooks making lunch for orphans
An orphan--about a third grader--what a cute girl!
I am helping to serve lunch
Classes outside during the Saturday Orphan Program
Dancing with the orphans